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07 January 2016 Categories: Uncategorized

Halfway houses keep us safer

There are two ways to do this. Either make offenders serve every minute of the sentences they’re given,
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While the former may seem attractive to some, the latter is much more logical in a society whose goal is to reduce criminal behaviour.

Cutting convicts loose from prison without any means of supporting themselves and no control over their movements is a recipe for disaster.

It is far better their release is done cautiously through a series of small steps which allows them to find jobs,
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That is what halfway houses do provide a vital first step on what society hopes will be each criminal’s return to being a productive citizen.

Despite that, many people consider halfway houses to be somewhere between a crack house and a leper colony on the scale of what you don’t want in your neighbourhood.

The issue raised it’s head once again this week when residents in three Calgary communities complained of plans to erect a halfway house near where they live,
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Their main concern seems to be a fear these criminals will prey upon them, or more disconcertingly, their young children.

Residents of the inner city communities of Stanley Park, Elboya and Park Hill don’t want the Calgary John Howard Society to be able to relocate Bedford House from its Victoria Park location.

The society has already had its relocation and expansion plans thwarted by public outcry when they tried to move to Sunalta in 2007.

This time around, despite it being a less than ideal residential setting,
cars against humanity, they chose a property in the Manchester Industrial Park to allay such concerns, executive director Gordon Sand said.

But that doesn’t seem good enough for the good citizens of Stanley Park, Elboya and Park Hill, who expect a swell in crime in their neighbourhoods once the inmates show up.

They fear pedophiles will be just minutes away from schools, playgrounds and parks in their communities and the temptation to re offend will be overwhelming.

The reality, however, is a predator already in their midst is far more likely to prey upon their children than a convict under close scrutiny.

Sand pointed out residents of halfway houses have a dual check on their behaviour they’re watched for any indiscretions and they’re motivated to act appropriately because they know any lapse means a return to a federal prison.

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